Get Started

It’s a snap to be up and running with Braineous.

Step 1

Install MongoDB

brew tap mongodb/brew
brew update
brew install mongodb-community@7.0

Step 2

Download Braineous

More instructions


Step 3

Start Zookeeper

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 4

Start Kafka

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 5

Start Flink

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 6

Start Hive Metastore

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 7

Start Braineous

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 8

Test Braineous Installation

cd braineous-1.0.0-cr2/bin

Step 9

Generate an API Key and API Secret

Create a Tenant
                        > If you have a tenant press [l] to login, If you need to create a tenant press[c]
                        Create a tenant
                        > tenant:
                        > email:
                        > password:
                        {principal: cb4e0e9f-1b06-4e38-8f8a-395775d1a83f, apiSecret: e41bc11a-83ea-42e1-96c1-5bb136de9ce1, name: cr2_tenant, email:, password: 5F4DCC3B5AA765D61D8327DEB882CF99, apiKey: cb4e0e9f-1b06-4e38-8f8a-395775d1a83f}
                        Please keep the API secret safe for Data Platform usage. This will not be displayed in the future for security reasons
Please use this generated API Key and API Secret for the tutorials.

Step 10

Create a Data Pipeline